Center of Luminosity

Brilliant Group of Technical Institutions has established the Center of Luminosity. It’s the place where it has been used to trace the dynamics of stars in the Center of Galaxy (BGTI). The derivatives of BGTI-Velocity imply a Supermassive Objectives in order to identify the Stalwarts in the form of the outstanding students across the campus at university level.

Center of Luminous Committees head by the Head of the Institution involving all the department Heads, DCO’s, ACO’s and Senior Professors.

Center of Luminosity Work Culture:

S No Name Designation Department
1 Dr. Shaik Rusthum Chairman Civil Engg
2 Dr. E. Radhamma President Electronics & Communicaton Engg.
3 Dr.S.JEEVA Co-ordinator, Research & Development Cell Computer Science & Engg.
4 Dr. M. RAMARAO Joint-Secretary - Member Mechanical Engineering
5 Mr. M.NAGARJUNA Member Mechanical Engineering
6 Mr. S. PAPA RAO Member Electrical & Electronics Engg.
7 Dr.T.Kiran Kumar Member Department of Physics
8 Mr. B S RAKESH KUMAR REDDY Member Civil Engineering
9 Mr. K. Rambabu Member Electronics & Communication Engg.