Our Governing Council Members

Following the Members Minutes of Governing Body Committee Meeting of the College with resolution the institution, at the Meeting held recently and following were taken.

S No Name Designation Organization Photograph
1 Sri. Kasireddy Narayan Reddy Secretary Secretary - Brilliant Grammar School Educational Societys Group of Institutions Kasireddy Narayan Reddy
2 Mrs.C.Madhavi President President - Brilliant Grammar School Educational Society Madhavi
3 K.Kondal Reddy Member Vice-President - Brilliant Grammar School Educational Society Kondal Reddy
4 K.Chandrakala Member Joint-Secretary - Brilliant Grammar School Educational Society Chandrakala
5 K. Ram Reddy Member Treasurer - Brilliant Grammar School Educational Society Ram Reddy
6 Prof.Kasi Reddy Kondal Reddy Member (Academician of Excellence) Rtd.Professor, Chemistry,
Osmaniya University, Hyderabad
Kasi Reddy Kondal Reddy
7 A. Dayanand Reddy Member (Industrialist) Managing Director, Vansant a Tool Crafts Ltd,
Pipeline Road, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad.
Dayanand Reddy
8 Dr. N.V. Ramana Member (Appointed by JNTU-H) Professor & Principal, Department of EEE
JNTU-H, Hyderabad
9 Dr.Shaik Rusthum Member Principal, Brilliant Institute of Engineering and Technology bril-central-lib
10 Dr. Yadu Singh Member Principal, KNRCER bril-central-lib
11 D. Sathyavathi Member Principal, BGSESGI-IC (Pharmacy) bril-central-lib
12 Dr. Paul Doss Member-Secretary Director, BGSESGI-IC bril-central-lib

Governing Body Meeting

   Academic Year: 2019-2020

   Date: 21.01.2020

   Time: 2.00: PM

   Venue: Board Room

   Agenda Points:

   Principle of operation, block diagram, discretion and inner parts prepared for all labs.

    We are retaining Staff Members as per the Committee proposal.

    We are deputing the staff members to attend Faculty Development Program, Seminars / conferences & short-term courses to update the knowledge.

    We are encourage Ph.D Program, more than 20 staff members are registered for Ph.D Program.

    We are Established the R&D Department.

    Started the Accreditation work of NAAC & NBA.

    Members suggested to have more Industrial interactive programs.

    Members ask focus on placements to reach 100%.

    Quality projects candidate based on the training.

    Committee is approved to apply for new courses AI, IT, Computer Science & Technology or Computer Science & Business Management.

    The tentative date for next meeting in the month of JUNE, 2020.