Department of Pharmacy

Department of Pharmacy Objectives

Accurately dispense medications.

Conduct sufficiently thorough and accurate patient assessments.

Explain and properly dispense commonly used medications, formulations, and drug products.

Identify and assess drug related problems relative to specific patient cases.

Appropriately utilize pharmaceutical and pharmacokinetics mathematics to perform accurate medication calculations.

Demonstrate appropriate ethical and professional behavior, and comply with all federal, state, and local laws related to pharmacy practice.

Demonstrate effective interpersonal, oral, and written communications skills with other health care professionals and patients.

Effectively communicate health and medication information to patients and/or care givers and provide effective counseling services as warranted.

Accurately assess the literature and other research resources to provide evidence-based drug information that meets the needs of patients and other health care providers.

Explain and utilize principles of health and wellness as appropriate to the provision of specific individuals’ and populations’ health and wellness information.

Discuss how patients and care givers can obtain the most cost-efficient medications and related Para-pharmaceuticals per patient-specific health insurance coverage options.