AICTE Approvals


Reduction in Intake or Closure of Course

Increase In Intake or New Course


2.Portal generated Affidavit

3.NOC from affiliating University Board

4.NBA accreditation letter(s)NAAC letter(Applicable for Category I & II University)

5.River Canals Rail Tracks Highways High Tension line or any other such entity passing through the Site Khasra Plan

6.Any other Institution are being run proposed to be run in the same patch of land shown for the present institution

7.Any other programmes such as BBA BCA B.Sc. , M.Sc. etc. are being run OR sharing in the premises of the present Institution

8.Dead Stock Register (Lab equipment first year)

9.Dead Stock Register

10.Dead Stock Register (office equipment)

11.Proof of Internet Bandwidth

12.Fire Safety Certificate issued by Competent Authority (If applied attach proof of the same)

13.List giving titles of books and volumes purchased for Library

14.Copy of Invoice Cash Memo for equipments and Library Books

15.List and details of Hard Copy of National Journals Subscribed

16.List and details of Hard Copy of International Journals subscribed

17.Sanction of electrical load by electric supply provider company

18.Certificate by architect

19.Proof of telephone Mobile connections

20.TDS Certificate of all the faculty members

21.Proof about medical facility and counseling arrangements

22.Details of all other eductional institutions under same society trust company

23General insurance for assets with policy number

24.Details of reprographic facility available for students

25.Occupancy Completion Structural Stability Certificate

26.Barrier free Built environment relevant for 1st year (Architect Certificate & Photographs)

Essential Documents

1.Establishment of Online Grievance Rederssal Mechanism

2.Establishment of Anti Ragging Committee

3.Establishment of Grievance Redressal Committee in the Institution or Appointment of OMBUDSMAN by the University

4.Establishment of Internal Committee

5.Establishment of Committee For SC,ST

6.Internal Quality Assurance Cell

7.Barrier free Built environment relevant for 1st year (Architect Certificate & Photographs)

8.Fire and Safety Certificate

9.Implementation of Teacher Training Policy

10.Atleast 5 MoUs with Industries

11.Whether the Institution has Implemented Safety and Security measures in the Campus

12.Implementing Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006 in the Institution

13.Digital Payment for all Financial Transactions as per MHRD Directives

14.Display of information submitted to AICTE

15.Potable Water Supply

16.Electrical Grid Power Supply Connection

17.Backup Electric Supply

18.Sports Facilities

19.Waste Management and environment improvement measures to ensure a sustainable Green Campus

20.Sewage Disposal System

21.Display Board within the premises as well as in the Website of the Institution Indicating the Feedback Facility of Students and Faculty Available in the AICTE Web Portal

22.First Aid, Medical and counselling facilities

23.Insurance for Students

24.Group Accident Policy to be provided for the Employees

25.All Weather Approach

26.Institution-Industry Cell

27.Copies of AICTE Approvals(LOA and EOA of subsequent years)obtained since Inception of Institution till date shall be placed in the Website of the Institution

28.Appointment of Student Counselor

29.Vehicle Parking

30.General Notice Board and Departmental Notice Boards

31.Display of Course(s) and Approved Intake in the Institution at the entrance of the Institution

32.Implementation of mandatory Internship Policy for Students

33.Compliance of the Academic Bank of Credit

34.Establishment of 24x7 women helpline number and a security system in the campus for providing safety to students and female faculty and non-teaching faculty

36.As per NEP, every Institution shall have inbuilt mechanism for Social and Emotional Learning A crucial component of Education

37.The electives mandatorily through SWAYAM (MOOCS Platform

38.Language Laboratory (for institutions having Diploma and Degree Programs)

39.Internship shall be made compulsory for all final year students of AICTE approved Institutes OR Universities

40.The AICTE approved institutions shall evolve a mechanism for earning credits through ‘Skilling’ based courses offered by Skill India

Desirable Documents

1.Implementation of the Schemes Announced by Government of India

2.Offering of Skill Development Courses Approved by the Council

3.Fabrication Facility Laboratory(FABLAB) Tinkering Laboratory OR Innovation Laboratory

4.Installation of Grid Connected Solar Rooftops Power Systems

5.Public Announcement System

6.ERP Software

7.Efforts to encourage Final Year Students to appear GATE examination

8.Efforts to encourage students to participate in National or International competition like SIH, IDEATHON, etc

9.Efforts to encourage students to take-up internship and project work in Indian Knowledge System related Areas

10.Transport Facility

11.Post & Banking OR ATM

12.Projectors in Classrooms


14.Display of Course(s)

15.General Insurance

16.Intellectual Property Right Cell

17.Implementation of Unnat Bharat Abhiyan

18.Implementation of Startup Policy

19.Innovation Cell

20.Media Cell

21.Participation in the NIRF

22.Participation in the National Innovation Ranking

23.Measures for Cybersecurity

24.Availability of Quality Sanitary Napkins through Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines and ensuring Safe and Environment friendly disposal of used Sanitary Napkin

25.Rain Water Harvesting

26.Implementation of PARAKH

27.Implementation of Examination Reforms

28.Provision to watch MOOCS Courses through Swayam

29.Applied for Membership of National Digital Library

30.Implementation of Student Induction Programme

31.Implementation of Skill India Mission

32.Green and eco-friendly campus which focuses on energy efficiency by preserving natural resources for healthy living and a good learning environment