Department of M. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Analysis)


The purpose of Pharmaceutical Analysis is to identify substances, purify them, separate them, quantify them, determine the molecular structures of chemical compounds that make up pharmaceuticals, and determine how these compounds are combined to make up a pharmaceutical product.

Specifically, it relates to the analysis of raw materials and pharmaceutical formulations, entails the determination of ingredients, impurities, excipients, and uniformity, solubility, and dissolution rate to identify active components, contaminants, and impurities.

Depending on the dosage form and the compound, the sample may be singular or combination. The substance utilized for pharmaceutical purposes is animals, plants, microbes, minerals, and a wide variety of synthetic chemicals. This study focuses mainly on assessing the quantities and quality of drugs and their impurities in the development process. In the discipline of pharmaceutical development, this domain addresses needs related to drug safety, manufacturing efficiency, lowering development expenses, and providing market information on evidence-based information.