Department of Computer Science and Engineering(Networks)


With the objective of imparting value education in the field of Computer Science And Engineering (Networks), the department has a prominent team with experienced, veteran and dedicated faculty, well equipped labs with the state-of-the-art computing system and peripherals.

With swiftly evolving technology and the incessant need for innovation, it has been the department’s ongoing attempt to produce quality technologists for our country.

An integral part of learning business operations these days is network connectivity. By establishing network operating systems and network connections that engineering provides and a crucial tool to customers and businesses that allows the proper conduction of operation.

Network engineering can also include overseas system installation formulating system configuration documenting defining and enforcing system standards. Maintenance of the network system is also an important part of Network Engineering. It also includes, optimising network performance, maintaining network performance scheduling upgrades, forming network designs by making the system more efficient.