Artificial Intelligence & Data Science


With the objective of imparting value education in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Data Science, the department has a prominent team with experienced, veteran and dedicated faculty, well equipped labs with the state-of-the-art computing system and peripherals.

With swiftly evolving technology and the incessant need for innovation, it has been the department’s ongoing attempt to produce quality technologists for our country.

Artificial intelligence is bringing many changes in human life and is applicable in various fields. Artificial Intelligence strives to create machines and technologies that can imitate human behaviour and the mind's ability to learn and solve problems. It has brought about a revolution in the world of technologies and its impacts and its applications for solving complex problems.

Data science combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics, and statistics for extracting meaningful insights from data and databases while machine learning is related to AI and computer science with its main focus on how to use data and algorithms imitating human behavior.