Our Governing Council Members

Following the Members Minutes of Governing Body Committee Meeting of the College with resolution the institution, at the Meeting held recently and following were taken.

S No Name Designation Organization Photograph
1 Sri. Kasireddy Narayan Reddy Secretary Secretary - Brilliant Grammar School Educational Societys Group of Institutions Kasireddy Narayan Reddy
2 Mrs.C.Madhavi President President - Brilliant Grammar School Educational Society Madhavi
3 K.Kondal Reddy Member Vice-President - Brilliant Grammar School Educational Society Kondal Reddy
4 K.Chandrakala Member Joint-Secretary - Brilliant Grammar School Educational Society Chandrakala
5 K. Ram Reddy Member Treasurer - Brilliant Grammar School Educational Society Ram Reddy
6 Prof.Kasi Reddy Kondal Reddy Member (Academician of Excellence) Rtd.Professor, Chemistry,
Osmaniya University, Hyderabad
Kasi Reddy Kondal Reddy
7 A. Dayanand Reddy Member (Industrialist) Managing Director, Vansant a Tool Crafts Ltd,
Pipeline Road, Jeedimetla, Hyderabad.
Dayanand Reddy
8 Dr. N.V. Ramana Member (Appointed by JNTU-H) Professor & Principal, Department of EEE
JNTU-H, Hyderabad
9 Dr.Shaik Rusthum Member Principal, Brilliant Institute of Engineering and Technology bril-central-lib
10 Dr M Narendra Kumar Member Principal, KNRCER bril-central-lib
11 Dr. CHAMAKURI KANTLAM Member Principal, BGSESGI-IC (Pharmacy) bril-central-lib
12 Dr. Paul Doss Member-Secretary Director, BGSESGI-IC bril-central-lib